Haiti 2013 Update

Carmelle Bellefleur, the VP of PHH is in Haiti doing very important work. She is consulting on a project to develop a 4-year nursing curriculum for the nation. She was tapped for this role because of her expertise, and her input will be invaluable in the movement to improve nursing education (and thus health) in Haiti.

She will also continue developing the Master’s program for nurse practitioners. We are getting quite a bit of interest from Haitian nurses, who want the additional education. They know very well what it will mean for their patients to have nurse practitioners who can provide expert care and treatment!

This is the way to make change in a resource-poor country – from within. We are building a cadre of Haitian nurse practitioners, with advanced education, who will continue to provide care and educate new nurses well into the future.

– Carol Roye

Haiti Fundraiser 2012 Update

We are so grateful for the support we saw and felt especially in light of the challenges in everyone’s life as storm recovery continues.

Thank you for creating this extraordinary step in our journey. We are well on our way to our first year goal of $200,000!

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